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We encourage entrepreneurship to rural women by extending differential financial solutions and enable them to invest for growth in their business. This is implemented by the means of an accessible micro credit at one of lowest interest rate in the country. These micro-loans are meted out to the rural women customers individually, organised in groups of 5-25 people with each member of the group providing credit guarantee for the other members.

Svatantra is one the leading institution to retain 100% cashless disbursement from day one. We disburse loans directly in clients bank account. This way, not only do the clients gain more confidence in banking activities, but are also benefitted from earning an interest on their savings.

Our Products

Our Product offering is tailored to suit client needs which is delivered to them in the most efficient manner through innovative processes. Currently, we offer the following products.

Product Loan amount Tenure Rate of interest Loan Processing Fee
Income Generation Loans 15,326 –
12 months –
24 months
1.75% per month / 21% p.a. (Reducing Balance) 1% on Loan Amount
Plus GST as applicable
Home Improvement Loan upto - 40,000 12 months – 24 months 1.60% - 1.67% per month / 19.25% - 20% p.a. (Reducing Balance) 1% on Loan Amount
Plus GST as applicable
Interim Loan 5,369 -
12 months –
24 months
1.75% per month / 21% p.a. (Reducing Balance) 1% on Loan Amount
Plus GST as applicable
Insurance Products Life Insurance Mediclaim Group Personal Accident (GPA)
Credit Linked Insurance is a life insurance offered by Svatantra to its client and her spouse to provide relief to her family in case of death of the insured person. Svatantra offers an exhaustive Mediclaim product which is a family floater with a coverage amount of ₹50,000 at a nominal cost for its rural clients. Under the claim the client and family members upto 5 are provided with cashless in-patient treatment at network hospitals. The mediclaim protects the client from high indebtness due to sudden hospitalization Under GPA a sum insured of 1 lac is offered to provide relief to our clients in case they meet an accident which results in death or full/partial disability.
-Mediclaim is optional (Voluntary) as per the request of the client.
-For all the loans amounting to more than Rs. 25,000/- the tenure is 24 months.
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Loan Disbursement Process

How We Do It

Enable Entrepreneurship

We encourage our customers in particular women to expand their existing business or even start a new business. Our loans are designed to meet a variety of needs such as fulfilling their working capital requirements, making capital expenditure and even providing start-up capital for new businesses.


Though the company gives immense importance to human touch, we also believe as a fintech microfinance company our technology adaption should be at a rapid speed. Our technology enhanced customer experience, business profitability and product portfolio, in manifold.

Company uses an end-to-end mobile app called Saathi, this app helps the team to carry-out process by using a smartphone or a tablet – right from identifying potential locations for expansion to processing customer information, and across the loan disbursement and collection cycle. Technology has eased the business process at a granular level, today team can access real-time data on remote customers, with an overall reduction in the turnaround time (TAT) and ultimately reduce our business risk and boosts yields.