Our Work

Provide financial help through Micro Loans

We aim to provide financial help to our clients by enabling them to make necessary investments that seek to grow their business and improve their livelihood. We do so by giving them access to credit at affordable rates. Our micro loans go to customers organised in groups of 5-12 people, called “Svatantra Sahayatah Samooh”, wherein each member of the group provides credit guarantee for the other members.

Our Products

We endeavour to offer our clients products that are most suited to their needs and follow innovative processes to deliver them in the most efficient manner. Currently, we offer the following products

Product Loan amount Tenure Rate of interest Loan Processing Fee
Svatantra Group Loan 1st Cycle – 10,000 to 18,000
2nd Cycle – 24,000
1st Cycle – 12-24 months
2nd Cycle – 24 months
1.83% per month 1%
Svatantra Home Improvement Loan 20,000 – 35,000 24 months 1.83% per month 1%
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Loan Disbursement Process

Encourage Talent

We are constantly amazed by the immense talent of our clients. We try to encourage and enable them by providing specialised training in tailoring, manufacturing folders and any other art form that is within their area of interest. We aim to assist them harness this talent, translate it into an income-generating business and build a secure future.

Enable Entrepreneurship

We encourage both male and female entrepreneurs to expand their existing business or even start a new business. Our loans are designed to meet a variety of needs such as fulfilling their working capital requirements, making capital expenditure and even providing start-up capital for new businesses.

Inculcate Financial Literacy

We furnish our clients with all the information required to be financially responsible before issuing a loan. In our financial training sessions, we educate our clients about the basics of budget management and explain complex banking procedures and how our clients can utilise them to best suit their day-to-day needs.

Promote Financial Inclusion

We are working towards financial inclusion in the areas we operate by raising awareness about banking and providing financial literacy training. As we follow a 100% cashless disbursement system, every month we assist clients in opening bank accounts and disburse loans directly to ensure these accounts are utilised. In this way, not only do our clients gain more confidence in banking activities, but are also able to benefit from earning an interest on their savings.